A Roadmap to Scale
Your Business Using

A Roadmap to Scale
Your Business Using
Resources You Already Have

- Refine Operations
- Simplify Your Business Model
- Grow Your Profitability

– Refine Operations
– Simplify Your Business Model
– Grow Your Profitability
Fix Your Operations Bottlenecks

Fix Your Operations Bottlenecks

Create Your Scale Up Roadmap

Create Your Scale Up Roadmap

Implement Your Growth Plan
Implement Your Growth Plan

Is your company struggling to generate stable
profits due to constant cashflow crises?

Is your business unable to take bigger markets?

Are you overwhelmed by the difficulty in finding and hiring the right people for the right positions in your company?

Does your retention strategy fail to keep your best employees from leaving to work for your competitors?

Are inefficient systems and bottlenecks keeping you up at night?

Are you feeling the impact of revenue losses and cash flow crises?

Are you frustrated that your current management team lack the motivation, skills and initiative to move your company forward?

Is your company unable to attract investments?

Do you stay awake at night worrying about your succession plan and the future of your business?

Growing your business shouldn’t
mean growing grey hair.

A Scale Up Roadmap to Grow Your Business from The Ground Up


Resolve bottlenecks in operations and fix root cause of revenue loss. Simplify your business model and re-inspire your team in readiness for growth.


Create your ‘blue ocean’ offer. Build your lead generation system. Generate repeatable sales process and funnel. Strengthen your order processing backend.


Develop a clear, time-bound, step-by-step growth action plan for your team. Define metrics and KPIs. Execute your Scale Up Roadmap. Unleash marketing. Celebrate success.

Get Help from a Local Expert Who Understands The Stress of Growing a Business in a Harsh Operating Environment

At Roadmap to Scale, we understand the harsh realities and obstacles to growing your business in Africa. You may even have engaged a ‘business guru’ or consultant and paid exorbitant, non refundable fees to help grow your business. But instead of massive results, your consultant delivered massive reports. Now, you feel hesitant, overwhelmed and frustrated because you struggle to find a credible roadmap and a trusted guide to scale up your business in our harsh operating environment.

We believe that growing your business shouldn’t mean growing grey hair. We understand the frustration of unpredictable revenue, cashflow crises and slow growth in an unsupportive environment. Therefore, after 11 years of coaching businesses in the local terrain, facilitating for Stanford Seed, Lagos Business School (LBS) and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), we have created a 3-step roadmap that removes frustration, simplifies business growth and makes it fun for the entire team.

Here’s how we do it:
1. Schedule a free consultation.
2. Start your Scale Up Roadmap.
3. Work with our team to implement your Roadmap and grow your business.

So, schedule a free consolation today and take the first step towards building your Scale Up Roadmap. So you can stop getting crushed by the competition and instead improve your team’s efficiency, processes and profits.

With Roadmap to Scale You Will Experience:

Cashflow Breakthrough

Optimized Business Processes

Predictable Revenue

Happier, Motivated Employees

“Ogbo was facilitator for my company Level 5 Lab as part of the Stanford Seed program. He worked with us through a series of workshops to apply the learnings from the Stanford Seed program and to develop our transformation plan. He was excellent in several regards but 3 stand out:
(1.) Driving engagement - Ogbo's approach of eliciting contribution and participation from the team really helped to drive engagement from everyone who participated.
(2) Encouragement/Confidence - We all felt that Ogbo believed in our potential and we were really encouraged to not hold back
(3) Energy - Ogbo brings an infectious energy to facilitating workshops such that even during the later sessions in the day, we were still able to maintain a high quality output.”

Chika Nwobi,

L5Lab, Lagos Nigeria
“Ogbo has an incredibly inspiring and magnetic presence. In a group setting, I've found that he increases the overall value and benefits everyone in the group receives. One on one, he is extremely genuine and thoughtful. His desire to help others with tangible results is something to be admired!”

Brian Houp

Rezone Coaching, Louisville KY
“Getting the chance to work with Ogbo is inspiring and incredibly positive. When I had the chance to get some coaching, not only was my energy level raised, but he was able to ask me challenging questions that really got me moving forward. Weeks later I remained motivated and focused on my goals, as a direct impact from his engagements. I would recommend anyone to Ogbo, as a 'one of a kind' coach and a privilege to work with.”

Trevor Blondeel

Operations Kickstart, London ON
“I recently had the pleasure of coaching with Ogbo. He is an excellent coach and an absolutely pleasant human being. Ogbo provided a great atmosphere for coaching, which gave me a confident and comfortable place to explore my goals and set an action plan that included accountability and milestones. His coaching style is supportive with the right balance of pressure to keep me engaged and active in the coaching session. I highly recommend Ogbo as an accomplished and professional coach.”

vA. Kay Kripchak

Chitra Productions, Montgomery AL

Our Promise

We are here for you

This program is implementation focused, not informational. We will not abandon you. We’re here for your even after your company begins to succeed and scale up.

Top Notch Tools

We will give you unlimited access to our very best tools, growth worksheets, actionable tips and frameworks.

No “Fine Print”

We promise to be straight- forward and transparent with you. No “fine print” in our contract.

11+ Years Professional Experience

Stanford Seed Facilitator 2016-

Worked with 10+ African Countries

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