A Scale Up Retreat to Inspire Your Team and Position Your Company for Geometric Growth

- Clarify Your Company Vision
- Define Your Company Culture
- Enjoy Team Building Activities

Scale Up Retreats Are Great for:

Board of Directors

Management Team

Project Teams

Entire Company

Most business leaders and their management teams are overwhelmed by the intricacies of scaling up their companies while supervising daily operations. So, we created a simplified roadmap to scale and transform your business. Our Scale Up Retreats are designed to walk you and your team through elements of the Roadmap to Scale including leadership, shared vision, strategy development, business model alignments and employee engagement.

If You’ve Been Working Hard on Your Business and Haven’t Had Breakthrough, Scale Up Retreats Will Help You

Gain clarity around a shared vision

It’s not uncommon for business owners and employees to share two different views of the same business goals. Often the pictures in the minds of the employees regarding the business are different from the vision and strategic direction of the business owner. This produces the “Tower of Babel Effect” as employees do whatever they like based on their own isolated interpretation of the business. For your business to grow exponentially, your entire team must work on a shared understanding of the mission and values of your company. The Scale Up Retreat supports the business leader in gaining clarity around the future of the business and transferring knowledge to the management team.

Review and optimize your company’s financial performance

The Scale Up Retreat offers a perfect setting and ideal environment to review your company’s financial health. Knowing how well your assets are performing in comparison to your industry numbers can be helpful in developing better strategy and logic to capture more value in your market. You will use our Scale Up Retreat worksheets and tools to analyze and make decisions around your revenue from operations, operating income or cash flow from operations and total unit sales.

Keep your team focused and engaged

Most CEOs struggle with effectively motivating and engaging employees for the company’s growth. Sometimes the challenge is how to how to attract and retain quality, dedicated, committed and skilled talents in a resource challenged environment like ours. Another common struggle relates to the development of your middle management for succession in your business. During the Scale Up Retreat, you will be guided to develop actionable tactics to keep your team focused and engaged in the company’s vision.

Align Strategy with Operations

Solve Persistent Business Model Problems

Brainstorm Breakthrough Business Ideas

Deepen team effectiveness and bonding

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